Troubleshooting Motors


Before you start to work on the motor, MAKE SURE THE POWER IS OFF. Always turn the power off at the electrical
service entrance breaker box or fuse, to prevent electrical shock.


1. Check for blown line fuse or tripped breaker.
2. Allow motor to cool and try to reset.
3. One of the most common problems in a woodworking shop is a build-up of sawdust in the motor, especially with
open drip proof motors. Give the motor a shot of air to blow out the sawdust, nine times out of ten this will get the
motor to start again, to fix the problem the motor should be replaced with a totally enclosed, fan cooled model.


Excessive vibration.
1. Check for loose mounting.
2. Check shaft alignment.
3. Check for bent shaft.

Excessive noise.
1. Check for damaged bearings. Replace as necessary.
2. Check for rotor rub by rotating the shaft slowly by hand.


(Motor runs but overload trips)

1. Check for adequate ventilation. Be sure motor vent holes (or fan blades) are free of obstructions.
2. Use a shorter or heavier gauge extension cord.
3. Running on a generator that is too small or with an extension cord can cause the motor to be receiving low

If you are still having problems, It should be looked at by a qualified
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